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Kara, Thanks so much for your prompt service! We had a great trip with less worry thanks to the CARES harness!


I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for your service. We had rented the highback car seat for our daughter on our trip to Calgary in May and found your service to be very convenient and reasonably priced, so we wanted to say thanks! I will certainly recommend your service to anyone travelling to that area!


Thank you so much for the great service and the good quality of equipment you have rented us. We were very pleased and had a wonderful holiday in Canada. We are a week at home now and still have to get used to the 'normal' life again. I hope you received everything in good shape again at Cruise Canada.

I will definitely promote your company in Holland and give your information to my travel agent who is specialized in travelling to and through Canada.

Kind regards,
Elvike, Edward and Fenne

It was a pleasure doing business with you. If the grandkids visit us again in Canmore, we will be sure to contact you for needed equipment. We'll also pass the info on to others if appropriate.

Thanks and best wishes,
Bill & Ginny

I would like to congratulate you on offering such a great service — and I have passed the same message to the friend who originally recommended you. You allowed our holiday to be both safer and a lot more pleasant. The toys and games were a great hit — so clearly very well selected. Great job!

Many thanks again, and I'll pass the word around.


Hello Colleen, my husband Danny and I rented a car seat with accompanying stroller attachment from you over the Christmas holidays. We were very pleased with it! I’m afraid I can’t remember the make and model, but I believe it was Graco and it was a car seat with this wonderful little fold-up buggy attachment [skeleton infant stroller]. We had brought our heavy stroller with us from England, but we didn’t even use it because the transport system you gave us was so much easier to use. It was light and didn’t take up much space. It was user-friendly and so convenient; we just popped our son Alek into his car seat and then popped the car seat into the stroller to take him anywhere. I must have said a hundred times: ‘I wish we had bought one like this!’ It was nice to push around too, a very smooth ride. Alek seemed quite comfortable. So all in all, renting this travel system made our holiday much easier as we were touring around Alberta visiting relatives and there were many car trips and many shopping trips.

It was also very handy to be able to rent a car seat in the first place, as we arrived in Alberta expecting the grandparents to have come up with something and they of course forgot! We had to rent a car from the airport just to be able to get a car seat for the baby (you should advertise at the airport)! We didn’t want to buy one just for a 2 week holiday, so finding Little Traveller Rentals was just what we needed and the service was fantastic. Thank you for everything and we will be sure to call you again on our next visit home!

Best regards,
Miranda, Danny and Alek
London, England